Danu Hof Family

My husband and I were born and raised in Michigan and we previously lived in Traverse City Michigan, harboring a dream of owning our own family farm one day.


We both have a background in Hospitality and Culinary arts and have witnessed first hand the importance of where our food comes from, how it is raised and the growing practices. We wanted to be a part of the movement to bring back the small family farm and a healthier local food system. As well as be a part of revitalizing our rural communities.

In 2017 we found our dream located just north of Mancelona Michigan and went for it. We realized our dream and were able to move our family here in October of 2017 and could not wait to get started breathing life back into the farm. We currently have pigs and chickens as well as fields. We already have asparagus established, raspberries, and Sunchokes. Last year we grew everything from bush beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, brussel sprouts, potatoes and pumpkins.  We also offer Catering and Cooking Classes as well as Private Chef services. 

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Hand Raised Heritage Breed Pigs

We believe happy pigs taste better. Our animals are given the chance to be pigs and we supplement their feed with local grains, produce, and brewery grain.

Heritage Breed Poultry 

Our chickens enjoy a fenced in pasture area as well as indoor barn space and are able to free range. Our meat chickens enjoy chicken tractors moved daily through our field. They are supplemented with local grain feed. Their favorite treats are the bugs from the garden. 

Local Produce + Cottage Food Products 

Every week we have the freshest produce from our own farm and other local farms in the area. We offer cottage food products made with items from our farm and neighbors.  

During the summer months we plant with organic practices and have a large variety of fresh produce available. We also work with Flynn Orchards and carry their fresh fruit. 


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