Frequently asked questions

Tell Me More About Your Pork

Our pigs area a Burkshire/Tamworth cross, our sows are Burkshire and our boar is a Tamworth. We are a farrow-to-finish farm which means we breed and birth all of our pigs here on the farm and they never leave. So we know all of the feed and care they have received there whole lives. Our hogs are pasture raised and we supplement there diet with a mix of brewery spent grain, apples from a local orchard, potaotes from a local farm and local grain feed mix.

Where Can we Find You?

We have a small farm store open year round at the Farm with weekly hours posted. We would love to have you stop out and see the farm and enjoy our quaint store. We carry products not only from our farm but also feature items from other local farmers, producers and crafters. We also participate in local area farmers markets.

What type of Chickens do you have?

We have a mix of seven different heritage breed chickens. Our boys helped to pick them out and they wanted a colorful flock. They range in everything from wynedottes, aracunas, road island reds, bard rock, sex-link, and black anturp. Our flock is not free range due to the number of preditors that we have in the area but they do have access to pasture and we have a chicken tractor for them during the summer months. We also supplement there food with garden scraps in summer, brewers spent grain, apples from a local orchard and local soy free grain mix.

What produce do you grow?

We grow a large aray of items and are always listening to what our customers would like to see and adding and expanding our offerings. We have organic practices and grow in our feild so we are limited to the weather. We grow everything from varieties of potatoes, bush beans, brussel sprouts, varieties of tomatoes, zuchini, yellow squash, pumpkins, winter squashes, herbs, asparagus, lettuce, radishes, beets and so much more.

3775 Doerr Rd. 

Mancelona, MI 49659

Tel: 231-916-2517

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