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Pan Seared Thyme Pork Chop, Wilted Kale and Cherry Thyme Chutney

Updated: Mar 31

Starting to go to local farmers markets and noticing all of the great options but have no idea what to do with all of the raw goodies. Here is one of our favorite recipes.

Pan Seared Thyme Pork Chops with Wilted Kale

Servings: 4

4 Pork Chops

Salt & Pepper

8 oz. Fresh Kale, julienned and washed

4 Spring Onions

2 oz. Maple Syrup

1 Tbls. Oil

Put oil in pan over medium heat. Season the pork chops with salt and pepper and sear on both sides until brown.

Remove from pan.

Reduce heat to low and add in chopped spring onions, kale and sweat for 2-3 minutes.

Place pork chops on top of the kale and cover. Let for five minutes or until desired doneness.

Drizzle with maple syrup, tops with Cherry Thyme Chutney and enjoy.

Cherry Thyme Chutney

Servings: 4

1 tsp. Olive or Vegetable Oil

5-6 Whole Spring Onions, (minced bulb, chopped green)

1 oz. Fresh Thyme

1 Tbsp. Red Wine Vinegar

2 oz. Maple Syrup

Dash of Salt & Pepper

Heat oil in pan and add minced onion bulb and brown.

Add pitted Cherries, thyme, and green portion of spring onion. Let cook over low heat for 5 minutes or until the cherries begin to break down and juice begins to develop.

Add Red Wine Vinegar, Maple Syrup, salt and pepper. Simmer for 3-5 minutes and remove from heat.

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