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Meet Our Sow

January 17, 2018


Our sow or as she has been nicknamed "Mama Pig" is the foundation of our hog herd and where we are starting. So I thought you would like a little information on our herd and the foundation it is being built on. She was born and raised in Northern Michigan and we purchased her at a little over a year old as a proven sow with one litter. She absolutely loves mushrooms and belly rubs but that's not what we are here to get to know. 

Our Sow's breeding is Hampshire/Berkshire and just a little Yorkshire. Now what does that really mean? Hampshire is of English origin and is a black hog with a distinctive white belt encircling the shoulder region. They have erect ears and a trim appearance, they are known for there rapid growth and exceptional leanness, heartiness and durability. They are most well known for there bacon and ham.


Now what does the Berkshire side bring to the table? Berkshire is an old line breed. It is a well muscled breed and is known for exceptional table qualities including quite large loin eye areas and finishing qualities that give the pork something akin to the marbling in high-grade  beef. It is also a hardy and durable breed.


The little bit of Yorkshire in her is to help with increased litter size and Yorkshire is the foundation for large pork production. Though we plan on aiming more for a high quality premium product rather then mass number and quantity. 

There feed consists of a locally grown and milled hog feed and corn as well as a slop mix of mainly fruits and vegetables. The occasional bakery goods, since I cant get my husband to completely not spoil them and give them some treats.


There is no better flavor then a pig that has been fed properly and enjoyed there life. So stay tuned as her first littler on the farm begins to get up to market weight.

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