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Fluffing the Energy

December 24, 2017

 This has come up three times and been put on my heart for a little while now. Which means there is something to it and that I need to listen and also to share. Thankfully I also have those who will play along and test theories to ad a little validation that it is a thing and works. So what am I talking about? 

Fluffing the air or energy. It is something that you are taught after doing energy work with or on a person because having all of that energy focused and channeled can in the end even when healing also feel like an oppressive weight. So you want to just take your hand or a feather and literally fluff the air and the energy to break it up a bit and lighten things around the individual. 


I am noticing having my children and especially one hitting his preteen years that there energy is EVERYWHERE and t,hat it is also super easy for them to bring things home. Also there energy tends to gather mostly in there room since that is there space. This can lead to a lot of energy building up in there room and not necessarily all bad energy. Which also means sagging on a regular bases wont take care of it because some of it is there energy. But it can also cause problems and grow into a bigger issue and affect them negatively as well. So it is something that needs to be addressed and can be easily taken care of. They can even do it themselves. 


All you or they are going to want to do is go into there room and with there hand, a feather or anything else that feels right and fluff the air throughout the room. Breaking up the clouds of energy that have formed. Whoever is doing the fluffing will feel an immediate difference as they go through the room. If there is a large build up of the first time you may feel some adverse effects such as headache, tiredness, or negativity, as there is so much energy that you are breaking up and this will pass as the energy dissipates. 


I hope that this helps and as always please don't hesitate to ask questions or reach out. I will help in any way that I can. 




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