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Dark Days of Winter

December 28, 2017

It might be 7 degrees out today with snow past my knee in most spots on the farm. The first day in quite a few that it is not snowing yet or requiring snow blowing (knock on wood). Welcome to living in the snow globe of Northern Michigan. The snowmobiles are happy as ever as they zing by. But we are not taking it as down time. There are a lot of things still happening on the farm. 


We are almost done with our new chicken coup so our current girls will have more space indoors and also in spring we are ready to welcome more girls onto the farm. We have been doing research to see which breeds we would like to welcome onto the farm for both layers and meat chickens. There are so many fun varieties out there. 


Seed books have started coming in the mail with pages filled with all sorts of possibilities. So the planning for planting is starting for we are within 80 days of spring even if it does not look or feel like it right now. Vegetables, Herbs, and fruit options dance through our heads and where to plant what. Slowly mapping out where and what we will want to plant for next year. Also learning what we need to do for our existing asparagus. 


The pigs are ever growing and staying warm in the barn. The barn is holding a nice 20 degree temp and with heat lamps and dry straw they are all snug as a bug. Our boar is now a barrow and we are looking for a boar to add to our herd so that we can continue our herd. Which also means cleaning out more stalls in the barn and going through more then 40 years of previous stuff as well as building a temporary stall for a new addition and bringing things back up to snuff. I love the smell of a barn with animals in it. There is just something that smells so right about it. (Yes I realize I maybe more then a little crazy.) The vet has been out and we have learned even more and know that we are on the right track and have the knowledge to do what we would like which is always a good reassurance. Its nice to start the relationship there as well and keep learning new skills such as how to give shots and more. 


The barn cats are enjoying there space and have proven there helpfulness, even leaving us proof of there chipmunk kill and the largely diminished sight of mice and mice tracks. It has also been interesting to see there tracks following a mice. You can guess how that turned out. They have found there favorite spots to snuggle down and get milk tribute for there hard work. 


It may not always seem like we are busy but there are many roots going down into the ground so that we will have a nice base to start this spring when the warm weather starts to run and we start sprouting. So stay tuned and keep your eyes pealed for what we are up to. 



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