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Meet Our Boar

February 20, 2018



Here is the other corner stone of our hog herd. He has a few nicknames on the farm including Bubzabald and the Pimp Named Slick Back. He is our boar and as he grows will play his part and do his job on the farm. He is very mild tempered and loves to be scratched. If you hit just the right spot on his belly he will fall right over. So you can say he is a bit of a character to say the least and is full of personality. He is Berkshire/Hampshire/Duroc. 


Berkshire is an old breed that is now enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Berks as they are commonly called are a well-muscled breed noted for both leanness and high yield. They are noted to have a great table quality including quite large loin-eye areas and finishing qualities that give the pork something akin to the marbling in high-grade beef.  They are a hardy and durable breed. 


Hampshire is of English origin as all are with Shire in the name. They are hardy and impart rapid growth and exceptional leanness to their offspring. They may also have the most nutrient dense milk. 


Duroc other then meaning there maybe a few red hogs it is a truly American breed. The breed is known for its muscling, meat quality, and hardiness. They are ideal outdoor pigs, which is where our pigs will spend there summers. 


Needless to say we cant wait for him to mature, which he is well on his way and see the great stock that he will help us produce as our hog herd grows. 



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