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Maple Syrup Q&A


We have been digging in and learning and trying our hand at maple syrup and we are excited about the results and want to share what we have learned. Maple Syrup is an all natural product. In the process we have learned where to tap a tree, what size of tree and how many taps per tree. When the season begins and ends, as well as storing and production. We already have a few gallons for sap and they are amazing. We can not wait to share them with you and let you taste it for yourselves and give you a chance to snag a jar to take home.


From a consumer stand point did you know that there are 4 different grades of maple syrup? 


Grade A Light Amber is a light amber color, with a light and mild maple flavor. 


Grade A Medium Amber is a medium amber color, with a bit more maple flavor. It is the most popular grade for table use. 


Grade A Dark Amber is a dark amber color, with a strong maple flavor. 


Grade B is dark in color, and is generally used for cooking and baking. 


The grades change as the season progresses. So which do you think will be your farvorite? 

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