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Scoby Hotel and How to create your Kombucha Scoby Hotel

December 29, 2018

Congratulations!!! Your Kombucha Scoby is happy and thriving, it is producing a new Scoby baby every time you brew a batch. But now what do you do with it? Well you have a few options. The first is to leave it with the original mother and let it continue to grow. This will eventually lead to a nice thick healthy scoby and as I have found means that it will work faster for you and naturally create more carbonation. Though you will reach a point where you have too many.


You can start setting up starter kits for friends and giving them away as well. Everyone always likes a healthy gift especially looking into the New Year and all of the resolutions to come. 


This also gives you a little freedom to play and experiment more with other flavors, sweeteners and teas without fear of killing your original mother and having to start all over again. So what flavors have you wanted to try out? Go for it, play with the new babies, though they will take a little longer as they are not quite mature enough yet but they will continue to grow for you. 


Another great option is to start a Scoby Hotel. It is a great way to store the scoby's that you are not using at the moment and gives you a back up should your mother or original scoby ever die. Which can happen from time to time. 


Step 1: Find a container for your hotel; It needs to be big enough to contain your scoby's and enough liquid to keep them covered. Easy to look through so you can check on things from time to time and easy to seal. 


Step 2: Keep enough liquid from your last batch of Kombutcha to cover the scoby or scoby's that you are adding to your hotel. 


Step 3: Add a few inch's of liquid and then add your scoby and cover with the remainder of the liquid. Then close the jar and store in a dark, cool place such as the pantry or cupboard that you have been using to brew your Kombucha. 


Step 4: Let it be, check on it every so often to make sure more liquid does not need to be added. You can add more scoby's as need be and can even let younger scoby's mature in the hotel. 


Enjoy and keep brewing. 

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