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Our Food

Looking for a new car?


A new cell phone? A new piece of furniture?


Let the research begin. Am I right?


We will spend hours, if not days collecting information and learning what we need to know about a product or service before we spend our money. We will weed through all of the hype and options that are out there. Ask for information from people we trust, friends and family.  We will agonize over everything until we have made the right decision.


But we don’t do any of that when it comes to our food. We go to the grocery store or the farmers market and are bombarded by so many options. All sorts of buzz words like Organic, Beyond Organic, All Natural, No Spray, GMO free, No Nitrates, Pasture Raised, Cage Free, and the list goes on. Do you really know what all of it means? Or what farming practices are being used of different produce and products?


To add to it there is always someone with an opinion on how we should eat. The latest fad diet or new food craze. So why do we not do any research on the food we eat. Then add in the latest health scare due to something being found in our food. As well as Dirty Dozen Report, which is confusing on its own, that just came out. I couldn’t think of a more important purchase then our food. So again I ask why don’t we do any research or choose to learn about our food and food system. Or about the production procedures and how it is produced.


I know it can sound overwhelming and we all have enough on our plates. But it’s a simple thing to change, just go talk to a local farmer. Go to your local farmers market and just choose to talk to one farmer each time and ask them about their growing practices or raising practices. They will be more than happy to share the information. So I challenge you to do just that. Take a little time and start to learn about your food. It is one of the most important purchases you make.

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