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Tell Me About Your Pork

The most common question we get at market or a veriation of it is, "Tell me more about your pork." Our response is usually what would you like to know? But it really should be, "How much time do you have?". We really could talk your ear off about our pigs and pork if you let us. 


We are a farrow to finish farm which means we have a breeding program and a heritage breed (Berkshire/Tamworth) herd that we have been building. Our piglets are breed, born and raised to a finishing weight all on property they never leave until they go to market. We know everything about them and can even tell you there favorite snacks, there identification names and everything in between.


We work closely with our vet to make sure we have healthy happy pigs. We use biosecurity rather then antiboiotics and never give growth hormones or anything else. We let them go for at least 8 months rather then the market average of 6 months. We fell it produces a nicer quality and better meat also because we are letting them naturally grow and using heritage breeds it just naturally takes a little longer.


We also feed local grower feed from the mill which is considered organic but not certified, as well as spent grain from Right Brain Brewery and any seconds from our garden and Flynn Orchards when we have them. They have access to pasure to graze and play as they choose. They get to be pigs and play in mud, lay in the sun and root around. 


We are very hands on with our herds. We work on handling and voice commands with our pigs so that moving pigs is easier and less stressful on everyone. We enjoy talking about our pigs and the ways in which we choose to raise them.  We really could talk pigs with you all day. Even tell you a few funny stories. 

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